Do your Company Leaders know how to measure the unfiltered engagement of employees?


Is your Company interested in improving Employee Engagement by 10% that reduces Turnover and Absenteeism and increases Productivity and Revenue?


How about increasing Employee Productivity by more than 20%?


Most business leaders are confident that they have a pulse of the Employee Morale and levels of Engagement.  Confidential Surveys probably suggest that they really do not.  So many employees have strong opinions about their Supervisor, Sexual Harassment Incidents, Safety Violations, Slacking Employees and so on, but will never say anything.  Many Employees express their true feelings by calling out sick, resigning to find new jobs, filing legal complaints to attorneys, become injured and filing worker compensation claims.


If done well with complete confidentiality, Employee Surveys provide a soft-landing spot for employees.  They can express their ideas, concerns and gratitude with the fear of retaliation.  If their input is acted upon, Employers enjoy lasting benefits. 


Best in class Employers that conduct Surveys and take Action and See real measurable results (per Gallup Q12 Survey):


37% fewer Absences

35% reduction in Turnover

48% few Safety Incidents

41% fewer Product Defects

21% higher Productivity

22% higher overall Business Profit


Experienced HR firms will measure the overall trends of survey responses to protect the anonymity of each individual Survey Participant.  As an Employer, you do not have to make dramatic changes right away.  You must however, inform the employees that you “Heard Them” and have created a Priority Plan to address their major concerns and continue the programs that are working for them. 


We want to invite you to conference with us to learn more about Employee Engagement Surveys and how this process will benefit Your Company.  It is affordable and will provide true business results, measurable and cultural.  We will provide you with Sample Questions and review the entire process.  The Employee Survey is our April 2018 Feature promotion, so we provide at 50% Discount if Your Company hires us by April 30th to perform this important process.


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