Most Employers have already ordered their Legal posters for compliance with State and Federal Laws.  These posters are not only mandatory, but they do provide the opportunity for Employees to read and understand Employer responsibilities and their individual rights.  There may be one poster however that was forgotten, but so important.


The Poster (physical and digital) we are recommended for today’s employers is for THE EMPLOYEE HOTLINE.  While legal posters are mandated by law and provides employees the information contained in the posters (and by the way, online) to understand the details of employer requirements if they suddenly become upset with a supervisor, co-worker or employee policy created by your company.  What’s next?  If the employee (or employees) are really upset, they will contact the governing Regulatory agency, such as OSHA, Department of Labor, Standards and Enforcement, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or many others.  That’s if you’re lucky.  There are many Attorneys that are licking their chops waiting for your company to take a miss-step.


  Now your dedicated laser focus on your Products and Services and People strategies are redirected to managing your new found legal troubles.  No matter how well you make every effort to be a great employer and comply with the law, over a period of time there will be some employee to challenge your company’s employment practices.  Perhaps Johnny believes he should have been promoted when he thought he was the best candidate for supervisor.  Perhaps Maria is not getting her breaks on time and was counseled last month for not achieving productivity standards. Perhaps Amy scratched her arm at work last week and HR failed to complete timely WC paperwork – Amy was fine at the time, but now is ready to quit because she is being bullied by a co-worker. Our strong recommendation to every Company with Employees is to add an Employee Hotline program.


How does it work?  Set up a 24/7 “Confidential” Employee Hotline program.  These programs are affordable to outsource and simple to set up.  The program is designed to direct unhappy or even very happy employees to call the Hotline, speak with a “live” Operator and express their Ideas, Suggestions, Concerns or Complaints.  The Employees must have the option to remain completely anonymous if your program is going to be credible.  This simple process can virtually eliminate the need for employees to seek legal relief outside of your company as long as the follow-up to the employee is prompt, taken seriously and fair. 



Some of the topics that may be reported through your EMPLOYEE HOTLINE POSTERS


Policy Questions

Employee Benefits

Poor Working Conditions

Recognizing Great Employees

New Productivity Ideas

Unsafe Acts on the Night Shift

Sexual Harassment Complaints

Unfair Supervisor Practices

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Workplace Violence


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