Your company will be sued.  Are you prepared?


If your company is in business long enough, you will be sued by one or more of your employees.  The average settlement for one occurrence will cost $300,000 for a minor employment-practice violation. With on-line access to government regulatory information, today’s employees are more savvy than at any previous time in modern history.  Unfortunately, many of our clients come to us when they are in big trouble and expect us (or a law firm) to bail them out.  While your company is the leader of the products and services that you perform, our company is the leader in employment-practice compliance and legal protection. 


When that horrible day arrives you can pay a law firm $400 to $500 per hour or you can settle for a hefty six figured check or you may consider working with us and take preventative action for a fraction of the cost.  We protect your company with the most experienced HR Professionals and Employment Attorneys as our experts. 

In addition to Standard Policy and Procedures, our team will provide training to your leaders, on-going advisory and consultation, confidential employment hotline and various programs that not only protect your valuable company, but to also improve the engagement and well-being of your employees.


Your benefits include Protection from Lawsuits and Increased Employee Productivity, which produced higher Revenue, Reputation and Market value.  

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