Organization Development  (OD)


What is OD?

Why is OD important for your growing Company?


We separate from standard HR Consulting firms that primarily focus on the basics, such as Compliance, Recruiting and Fundamental Training.  Workforce Consultants works with our client leaders to examine the entire organization from how it looks and functions today to how you want it to look in the future in support of the Long-term Business Goals.


Some of the key Elements that we will develop for your company will set the stage the kind of People development and Business growth that companies only dream about. 


What specific services are attached to the OD Process?


Employee Surveys and Analysis

Conduct Employee Engagement and Rewards surveys and analysis.  Communicate results. Implement per priority method.


Organizational Structure

Determine appropriate structure type (i.e. vertical, flat, hybrid) to maximize communication, productivity and span of control.


Roles and Responsibilities

Identifying roles and responsibilities that clearly align with department and company goals. Creating written job descriptions, communication and training.


Performance Management

The Performance Review and Administration to identify company’s strengths and weakness.  Reward and retain top performance and weed out bottom performance not meeting standards.


Succession Planning

Management of every human unit as valued inventory resources.  Plan for turnover, promotions and business contingencies. Ensure that People power is a strength of the organizations performance objectives.


Forced Ranking

Fairly and legally examine each team based on the business needs.  Identify profiles of competencies for growth. Reward top performance and eliminate liabilities.


Strategic Competencies

Includes the identification of Competencies by Key Roles and how sustain it.  Using the best available selection methods and testing to Recruit and Hire to those Competencies.


Strategic Compensation

Conducting fair market value by position with budgetary allowances by the Company.  Creating incentives for high performers with limited rewards to poor performers. Creates fair and equal pay for job duties, established roles and performance.


Leadership Development

Provide continuous learning, testing and assessment of Company leaders. Training and Coaching.  Leadership team aligns with Business Goals by facilitating Objectives in a deliberate and consistent manner.


 Development of Teams

Stripping the dysfunctions of the Leadership team and rebuilding to improve shared Goals and Like mindedness performance.  Improved communications, respect, cross-functional behavior to business results.


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